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Game Changer In PWA App Development

Our Mobile First PWA builder easily turns websites into a progressive web apps (PWA). This is the functionality that allows push notifications to work.

Easily build your progressive web apps in record time using our 100+ customizable templates included.

What is a Progressive Web App?

In the past, it has been difficult for “non-techy” folks (the vast majority of us) to wrap our heads around what Progressive Web Apps are, and how they can benefit our businesses and organizations.

The Answer Is Simple…

Progressive web apps is a new web technology that combines the best a website has to offer with the best a mobile app has to offer.

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The result: Easy customer access that can increase business instantly for any local business! The chances are you have been using Progressive Web Apps daily, without even knowing it. It is the next major progression to MOBILE browsing that every website owner should explore because the benefits are enormous!


In addition to the progressive web app functionality, add any of the following widgets to webpages to enable additional functionality.

These powerful widgets allow you to create simple to advanced pages with all sorts of functionality. Widgets are designed to make your idea a reality. You have full control over the functionality and design of your webpages, all without ever having to write a single line of code. The option to add your own code as well as CSS styling is also available within the PWA site builder.

Some widgets are OPTIONAL, check plan pricing features for widgets included with the plan that your purchasing.

Create blog post pages to help promote your products.

Easily add digital coupons to any page of your ecommerce store.

Create forms with all the fields you want: text, email, date pickers and more.

The main title of this item/element
A free template gallery allows you to build full websites in just minutes.

Enter your own custom JavaScript code to enable your own features into pages.

Add a full fledged e-commerce page and system with a few clicks.

Add a beautiful header to the page with stunning backgrounds and contents.

Show a single product that users can buy right away.

Content Block
Add text, images (also as a slider), maps or videos to a page. Can use html.

Quickly create a contact section with details and a ready-made form.

Countdown Timer
Add an active formatted countdown timer to your pages.

Create a gorgeous slider by uploading images or using our royalty free photos and images.

Just like a traditional paper punch card, the loyalty widget is the digital version.

Price Grids
Show prices to visitors in an elegant grid, fully customizable.

Easily add a mobile and desktop responsive map to a webpage.

Quickly create a "scratch-card" your users can use to play your game.

Add buttons that link to phone numbers/ emails, as well as  internal/external pages.

Show testimonials from customers with photos, text and links.

Create a beautiful roadmap for your launch or company.

FB "like" Box
Easily add a "like" box for any Facebook page you want.

Create a list of items: posts, products, locations, events, etc.

List Preview
Show a selected, well formatted few items from any list.

List (search)
Show a search form for specific lists, blogs, etc.

Social (links)
Easily add social profile links - buttons and icons - to your web pages.

Columns of Text
Easily create columns of text with images, sliders, and icons.

Thumbnails | Show images in a beautiful and elegant grid of thumbnails.

Flip Card
Show content as the front and back of a flappable card.

Online booking for your prospects and clients.*

Digital Downloads
Sell downloadable files, like books, software, digital magazines, newsletters and more.

Food Ordering
Food ordering Manage food ordering and take away easily and quickly, with great flexibility

List (rss)
Quickly and easily import RSS and Atom feeds into this page

Show 360 pictures and let users navigate into them.

Host and manage all of your podcasts.

Real Estate
Manage listings and details about apartments, houses and real estate.

Food Ordering
Create beautiful mobile-first menus for bars, restaurants, pubs...

Social (links)
Easily add links - buttons and icons - to your social profiles and pages.

Website And PWA Templates

In our template gallery you will find templates for all types of businesses.

Templates are searchable and indexed automatically making it easy to find the right template for your project. You can create your own templates, and sell them to your clients.